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We specialize in fine Wedding dress cleaning and dyeing services

At Tintorería Laura – Finest Dry Cleaners, each and every wedding dress that is left in our care is treated as a one of a kind piece and receives a personalized treatment plan to ensure that its beauty remain intact for years to come.

Finest Dry Cleaners -Tintorería Laura collaborates with key designers and clothing manufacturer to ensure the best possible service to our clients for the maintenance and care of their special piece.

Each component of the dress is analyzed separately so that all the ornamentation in the design (pearls, accessories, beading etc…) is safeguarded during processing.

Bridal gown preservation: We provide a specially designed garment storage box so that your dress can be stored and preserved properly.

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New Service Wedding Dress Dyeing

Change the color of you Wedding Dress an use it again!

If you love your wedding dress but know you won’t wear it again as it is, why not consider dying it so that you can wear it to parties and other occasions? However, before you get going, trust a professional.

We will help you!

Give another chance to your wedding dress and transform it into a special dress to wear on multiple occasions. You can also transform your party dress into a different one just by changing its color.

Tintoreria Laura – Finest Dry Cleaners is specialist in Dyeing of  all kinds of Wedding and Gown Dresses.

We dye all king of garments and dresses, including wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, jeans, and so on.

Without any limitation on the color in which you can dye your wedding dress. Just send us a picture or color sample.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Dyeing Service  is available for shipment anywhere in Europe.