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Curtains and blinds are an important part of any home and office space décor. Tintorería y Pieles Laura will help you preserve their colour, print and quality of fabric. We offer the ideal personalized treatment plan for your curtains and blinds and are always a step ahead in providing our clients with the best care program possible.

At Tintorería y Pieles Laura we offer the perfect cleaning protocol for your needs.  Please call us today to get the personalized service designed just for you.

We restore and clean all types of drapes, curtain and blinds be they, silk, cotton, velvet, linen and lined or not.

Call us and

  • book a time for a pick-up telephone number +34 948 241 795
  • if you prefer, you can contract a take-down and rehang service also available by appointment.Contact us for more information
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