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Change the colour of your garment or give it a new lease on life by providing its original colour a boost of vibrancy with our Garment dyeing option.

During the re-dyeing process we restore, rejuvenate or change the colour of worn in pieces as well as cover or correct possible colour defects that have come up during the natural wear and tear of use. We dye new pieces as well as woven and knit fabrics (skins, leathers, linen, chenille, cotton or voile, silks and vintage pieces).

We provide samples for small cuts, fabric types, tint-control and more, as well as, colour pallet cards, banners, sample collections, and runway pieces. We process all fibers be it natural or synthetic.

Exclusive colours for accessories in wedding wear, couture and party or formal attire and more.
We work on laces, alençon, cluni, valenciennes, chantilly lace, embroideries, fringe and tassels, trimmings, chiffon and voile, organza, tulles, natural feathers, and several delicate fibers.

We provide colour to exclusive designs for clients in both the world of performing arts as well as visual arts. From theatre to film, television, advertising, dance, opera, special events, carnival, choirs and more, we work side by side with our clients to fulfill there every need.

W We process set wardrobes, feathers, chrome pieces,
backdrops, furniture and more. Some of the processing we do includes: aging, staining, overall degrading of materials for desired look and whatever special effect is needed to obtain the most authentic feel for that particular event, set, or performance.

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