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From the very start what has set Tintorería y Pieles Laura apart is our extensive knowledge and experience with the processing and treatment of all types of leather goods.

As founding partners in ASERP (Asociación Española de Restauradores de Piel) the Spanish Association for Leather and Fur Restorers, and our collaboration with la Escuela Superior de Tenería (Lérida) as well as key dye manufacturers for leather goods and finishes such as BASF, CIBA, Curtex, Tintorería y Pieles Laura is in the position to offer our clients the best alternative possible for the treatment processing and preservation of their leather and  fur pieces.

By keeping up with main well-known laboratories and tanneries where future innovative techniques and research are being done, we are a step ahead of just trends and have the knowledge necessary for processing every type of finish for every kind of leather product that is available in the market.

We offer a special service of moth proofing of Fine Furs

Call us and get more information on what your leather and fur garments need to keep them looking brand new +34 948 241795

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