Tintoreria Laura in BRIDAL VOGUE October’16: Bridal Gown Dyeing

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Tintoreria Laura in BRIDAL VOGUE October’16: Bridal Gown Dyeing


Turn your wedding dress into an elegant and sophisticated party/cocktail dress in Laura Dry Cleaners 

After giving the ‘Yes, I do’ usually the wedding dress is put away  and never used again. Why do not give it a second chance and turn it into a spectacular party dress?Laura Best Dry Cleaners have the exclusive service of Bridal gown dyeing service which allows you to change the color and transform it into a special gown dress to show off at other events.

It is a real shame that a garment with so much sentimental and economic value is forgotten in a closet, taking up space. In Tintorería y Pieles Laura we are specialists in renewing, reviving or completely changing the color of all types of garments and fabrics, including Haute Couture.In fact, it is the only dry cleaner in Europe that has a Textile Engineering Laboratory in which the ideal treatment for each garment is determined. And is that in its 47 years of experience they have never ceased to seek the excellence, thus becoming a center of reference within the sector at the international level.

Do you want to keep your bridal gown for your memories? Then, the cleaning and preservation service is the solution. Each wedding dress is a unique and unrepeatable piece, so it receives the care, pampering and attention that deserves. That is why each element (beads, accessories, buttons, glass beads..) is analyzed separately to give each one the most appropriate treatment.